Kathryn Joseph, The Bird – Music Video
Commonwealth Youth Exchange – Documentary
A Streetcar Named Desire – Programme
Wee Mice – Promotional Film
Healah Dancing – Short Ballet Film Trilogy
Romeo & Juliet – Programme
Scottish Ballet Youth Collective – Promo
Kid Canaveral, Now That You Are A Dancer – LP
Watch This Space – Identity, Riso Poster & Ident
Autumn 2014 (Crucible) – Animated Trailer
Autumn 2014 (Crucible)—Campaign Image
Highland Fling – Programme
Kid Canaveral, Low Winter Sun—Illustration
Personal Identity – Letterpress Business Cards
Scottish Ballet—Letterpress Invitation
Hansel & Gretel—Campaign Image
Highland Fling – Campaign Image
Scottish Ballet Annual Report 2010/2011
Autumn 2010 Geometry & Grace—Programme